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Last week ‘Not a Cowgirl’ left a great comment with a personal story regarding her bow legs surgery.

I think this story really helps understand the meaning of going through a bow legs surgery, and I personally wanted to read more about this after reading this comment. So…I’ve decided to share a link to her blog, where you can see pictures of the bow legs before and after and read more about her bow legs story –

In addition, I wanted to thank all of you for sharing your experience! Most people that visit this site suffer from bow legs and are looking for answers and your stories are important.

Don’t forget to read the comment and add your own –

Have a great weekend!



Hi all,

I’ve been writing about bow legs for quite some time now. I’d like to know what you would like to read about regarding bow legs, and I’ll do my best to research it and try to write about it.
In addition, whenever I find products that are relevant to bow legs I update you all as well, but please help me by giving me feedback on what you would like to know:

Would you like to read more about bow legs exercises?
Would you like to see more bow legs correction videos?
Would you like to read about bow legs real life stories?
Are there any products you are interested in?

I started this blog because I couldn’t find information regarding adults with bow legs and ways to fix this deformity. I would like this blog to be helpful for all of you who are also interested in bow legs and would really appreciate your feedback.


– Shelley


Take a look at the following, there are many other products that are relevant for bow legs:

– Shelley


Bow Legs and Arthritis

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I found this article very interesting. It explains that relation between bow legs and knock knees to arthritis.
Here is the article about Bow Legs and Arthritis.


Halloween is coming!

I’ve been looking for some Halloween costumes that will make my body look great.

Whenever I went to the stores to search for costumes, they all had the same short and sexy costumes that are not ideal for my bow legs… well, I haven’t given up so easily! I found some online stores with a wide selection of costumes that to my opinion can look great on bow legs!

Here are the costumes I liked:

Addams Family Morticia

Addams Family Morticia Adult Costume

Sandy From Grease

Sandys Deluxe Leather Jacket Adult Costume

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel Elite Adult Costume

Renaissance Girl

2 Pc Renaissance Girl Adult

Luscious Leopard

Luscious Leopard Adult Costume

Egyptian Dancer

Egyptian Dancer Adult Costume

Online costumes stores:


Good luck finding the best one for you!


I’ve found some nice links today to some more information regarding adults with bow legs:

Please write a comment/add a new post to the forum if there’s something you think this blog should cover as well regarding bow legs. I will try to find the relevant information if relevant.

– Shelley


Many people are looking for a way to fix their bow legs without a surgery. I was looking for such information many times in the past as well. What I hoped to find was that there were exercises to fix bow legs that will help me control the shape of my bow legs.

After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that there aren’t any exercises to fix bow legs 🙁

My Doctor (Orthopedist) told me that the shape of the bow legs (in my case at least) can only be fixed by a surgery.  My Pilates instructor told me that exercise won’t change the shape of my bow legs, but it can help me change my posture, so that my bow legs would look better. Both recommended me to try Pilates.

If exercise cannot help to fix bow legs, at least it can help reshape your body and posture. I started Pilates a couple of months ago, and I really feel better as a result.

Here is a list of eBooks and Videos that are supposed to help make your lower body/legs look better (I never tried them):

  1. Leg Exercises/Lower Body Workouts for Women
  2. Fitness Ebooks

If you have bow legs, and especially if you are a women, you probably went many times to the shoe stores looking for the perfect boots that will make your legs look straight and pretty when you wear short skirts…but when you finally find a pair of boots you like and you try them on, you realize that they are so tight on the leg that your bow legs outline is shown…! I know this happened to me so many times that at one stage I thought about giving up on boots 🙁

Although searching for the shoes is hard, there are many boots, sandals and shoes that will look good on curved bow legs!

Here is what I think:

What NOT to wear:

  • Shoes/Boots that are tight and emphasis the bow legs outline
  • Sandals with high straps – in many cases it “cuts” your bow legs in the middle, making it look shorter and curved.

What to Wear:

  • High Heels Sandals – it can make your legs look longer and less bowed.
  • Loose Boots – make sure that they are loose on top, and are not tight
  • Any shoe that is not high on the leg (i.e. not a boot and not with high straps) with heels might look good.
  • Special Accessories for Bow Legs – Insoles, Bow legs correctors

Where to get such shoes?

Many stores have fashionable shoes that will look good on bow legs; you just need to remember the guidelines of what to wear and what not.


I searched for pictures of before and after the bow legs correction surgery. I found this websites very informative:
I must say that these pictures (and information from the site) makes me really consider the bow legs surgery option… It doesn’t look too painful, and seems like the results are good too.


I found this on YouTube today, this is an interview with someone who had the bow legs correction surgery with “Ilizarov-Veklich” apparatus. I think that this is a very helpful video for anyone who is interested in the surgery.
He said in the interview that he did it for cosmetic reasons, and I can really relate to that.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I must say that the “Ilizarov-Veklich” apparatus looks to me less frightening than the regular “Ilizarov” apparatus I read about…

I’d like to hear what you thought about this, so please leave comments 🙂

– Videos were taken from

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