This site is intended for anyone who is bow legged or looking for information regarding this situation, especially in adults. Here I will share with you what I’ve found and learned.

Who is considered as “bow legged”? A Person is bow legged if when he/she stands straight with the legs (feet) together, the knees don’t touch but the ankles do. This is a leg deformity also called “Genu Varum”.

The video bellow is an example of bow legs:

You could find many small children who are bow legged. This situation is usually temporary and the legs correct themselves while the child is still young. But this is not always the case. There are also many adults who are bow legged.

People might be bow legged because of diseases, bad nutrition and other reasons.
I searched the web for information and found that this deformation can be fixed with a surgery called “Ilizarov”.
There is a very informative website that belongs to a clinic in the Ukraine with many photos of bow legged people before and after the surgery.

There are also supporters/correctors for bow legs that supposed to help bow legged people to straiten their legs.

This is an example of how the legs look like after the surgery:

* Note that the writer of this article is not a doctor and the information that appears here might not be accurate.

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