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For those who were looking for bow legs supporters, here it is (not sure till when this product is available):
O Leg Correction Band / Supporter

Bandages to Correct Bow Legs

Pedaq Correct Functional Insole Bowlegs Knock-knees Bunion Flat feet


If you have bow legs, and especially if you are a women, you probably went many times to the shoe stores looking for the perfect boots that will make your legs look straight and pretty when you wear short skirts…but when you finally find a pair of boots you like and you try them on, you realize that they are so tight on the leg that your bow legs outline is shown…! I know this happened to me so many times that at one stage I thought about giving up on boots :(

Although searching for the shoes is hard, there are many boots, sandals and shoes that will look good on curved bow legs!

Here is what I think:

What NOT to wear:

  • Shoes/Boots that are tight and emphasis the bow legs outline
  • Sandals with high straps – in many cases it “cuts” your bow legs in the middle, making it look shorter and curved.

What to Wear:

Where to get such shoes?

Many stores have fashionable shoes that will look good on bow legs; you just need to remember the guidelines of what to wear and what not.

Online shopping sites for shoes:

  • – They have special shoes for bow legs. Just search “bowlegs” or go to the “Special Shoes/Special Sandals” category.
  • – They have great designer shoes.
    They have many shoes and many brands. They have Clarks (where I usually buy my shoes), ECCO, Crocs and much more…

I found this on YouTube today, this is an interview with someone who had the bow legs correction surgery with “Ilizarov-Veklich” apparatus. I think that this is a very helpful video for anyone who is interested in the surgery.
He said in the interview that he did it for cosmetic reasons, and I can really relate to that.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I must say that the “Ilizarov-Veklich” apparatus looks to me less frightening than the regular “Ilizarov” apparatus I read about…

I’d like to hear what you thought about this, so please leave comments :)

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