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I have bow legs and I’m running 5 KM once a week for over a year now. I saw in several websites that running with bow legs might cause problems and saw someone mentioning “under-pronation” which I wasn’t sure what it was so here are a few resources I found that talk about bow legs and running in general:

I use Nike Air mostly and New Balance for running, and I really like both of them.
New Balance WR1224 (Women's) - Silver/Azalea New Balance WR1225 (Women's) - White/Blue
adidas adiStar Ride 2 (Women's) - Running White/Dark Steel Metallic/Art Red adidas Supernova Sequence 2 (Women's) - Running White/Dark Steel Metallic/Art Green
– Shelley


Many people are looking for a way to fix their bow legs without a surgery. I was looking for such information many times in the past as well. What I hoped to find was that there were exercises to fix bow legs that will help me control the shape of my bow legs.

After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that there aren’t any exercises to fix bow legs 🙁

My Doctor (Orthopedist) told me that the shape of the bow legs (in my case at least) can only be fixed by a surgery.  My Pilates instructor told me that exercise won’t change the shape of my bow legs, but it can help me change my posture, so that my bow legs would look better. Both recommended me to try Pilates.

If exercise cannot help to fix bow legs, at least it can help reshape your body and posture. I started Pilates a couple of months ago, and I really feel better as a result.

Here is a list of eBooks and Videos that are supposed to help make your lower body/legs look better (I never tried them):

  1. Leg Exercises/Lower Body Workouts for Women
  2. Fitness Ebooks