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News: New discussion topic - Children with Bow Legs
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« on: February 23, 2010, 07:45:58 PM »

hi there,

i'm a 24 year old male and have suffered from a dodgy left knee since the age of 23.  i have no idea how it was initially caused as i never suffered knee problems until one morning, i ran for the bus, and my left knee suddenly refused to work at full speed.  i had to slow down, and walk real slow everywhere for about a week.  when i removed my shoes, the discomfort (i wouldn't call it pain...) subsided.

as i was really busy, i kind of put up with it for a month or so.  my doctor thought the swelling was caused by a torn ligament!  i was referred all over the place (even at one point to a knee surgeon, who told me i had been mis-referred and he could offer me no help) when one day, my friend who is a physio said i had collapsed a collapsed arch in my left knee that, over time, had caused my left knee to turn outwards, which had in turn caused the discomfort i was feeling when i wore certain types of shoe.  i went back to my doctor who referred to me a physio who confirmed this was the likely cause of my discomfort.

over the past year, i have managed the problem with various brands of insole with arch-support i've found in shops and online (just ordered some new gel scholl ones).  some have worked better than others, but since i noticed the problem, i have never had more than a couple of months of complete comfort in that knee.  when you look at it carefully, you can clearly see that the calf muscle is misaligned (compared to my right leg, which seems fine.  okay maybe ever so slightly bowed, but my right foot-arch is intact and i experience no discomfort in it).  oh and it also clicks alot, particularly if my insoles (like my current ones) aren't a perfect fit.
the last time i saw the physio, he said if i went back, they'd refer me to a podiatrist for specialist treatment and maybe even custom made insoles, but as i've been so busy, i've just not had the time and have been making do with my current insoles.

the problem is - insoles are so damn expensive!  so i tend to wear them until they get worn out (my current insoles aren't great, but cost me 30!!).  i swear that eventually, my left knee is going to cave in, or i'll suffer from premature arthritis.  it's not so bad at the moment, but i really can see it getting worse.

anyway, this is my story of my bowed left knee!  it's caused me an aweful lot of grief over the last year (especially as i enjoy sport and play despite the discomfort), and just want to say i'm very thankful for finding your website.  all the websites i've looked at seem to cater for kids only, and there is hardly any information out there for adults suffering from this problem.

if any of you can offer any advice, or tips, i'd be very grateful.  we all seem to share the same problem, and it's only when you suffer from constant discomfort when walking that you really appreciate sound knees!
i'm from the UK by the way, so what i have found (like the clinics online), are for americans only  Roll Eyes
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